Sunday, 11 December 2016

A call for prevention strategies

Phumi Mtetwa, 5 December 2016

"To all my FB and real friends, and family, especially if you are based in South Africa:

We have a serious crisis. LGBTIQ bodies are being tortured and murdered. Whilst all of us are advocating for the Hate Crimes Bill to become law, I want to make a call. Mine is one that does not rely on legal instruments. Mine is one that does not rely on [State] institutions. Mine is one that relies on SOCIETY! The PEOPLE(S) of South Africa.

We need a NATIONAL IMBIZO. One that would discuss strategies to PREVENT hate crimes from taking place in the first instance. One that will not make us undertakers. One that will not make us toyi-toyi outside courts. One that will not build our already high stress levels. One that will not increase the already high levels of my declining mental-health status.

Friends, can we discuss PREVENTION strategies?

If you are with me, how should we go about organising ourselves?

I am coming to knock at your door!!!"